Maria Liz Aquino


María Liz Aquino

I was born in Asunción Paraguay in 1970, where I lived until I was 19 years old. My life as a traveller began when I lived in different countries, such as Germany, the United States, Switzerland and since 2018 I have been living in Japan.

From an early age I loved to draw with crayons, I felt the need to express my creativity through drawing, which later led me to discover the painting. I started studying drawing and painting at The Institute of Visual Arts Veronika Koop in Paraguay, then I continued my studies at the "Hamburger Akademie für Fernstudien".

Later, while living in Switzerland, I met the Swiss artist Jacqueline Busato, who helped me to deepen my knowledge of different painting techniques such as watercolour and collage. I started working on collages with washi and papyrus. I never thought that one day I would live in Japan, the country where Washi comes from. Washi paper is a fascinating material to work with because of its strength, its texture and variety of colours. I combine it with acrylic paints, old Japanese writings, papyrus sheets on handmade paper.

My paintings are mostly abstract, with a lot of structure and vivid, strong colours. I find inspiration in everyday objects like ceramics, or photographs that I take myself, colours and textures I see in nature, on the street or just memories of my travels.

One of the themes that I have been exploring in recent years is the Ñandutí, a traditional Paraguayan embroidered lace that can be white or brightly coloured. I have always wanted to recreate this lace in my work because of its geometric, circular and delicate embroidery which always caught my attention. I use the Ñandutí fabric as an impression or I use it directly in the collage.

Currently I am more focused on making collages with Washi, acrylic painting and pencil. I like to experiment with different materials to achieve unexpected results, creating abstract compositions.


  • 2002-2003 drawing and painting studies at Instituto de Artes Visuales, Veronika Koop.
  • 2005-2009 study at ABC Kunstschule Paris in the Hamburger Akademie für Fernstudien.
  • 2006-2009 worked with the Swiss painter Jacqueline Busato, experimenting with different techniques like watercolour, collage and acrylic.


  • 04.23.2023 Sustainable Paraguay - Galeria Mysha Harajuku - Shibuya, Tokyo.
  • 03.05.2022 Color, Ink and Friends. A painting exhibition commemorating International Woman's Day - Shinmei, Ikiiki Plaza, Minato City, Tokyo.
  • 09.17.2020 Beyond that Blue - World Art Tokyo - SatelliteS 2020. Terrada Art Complex II, Tokyo.
  • 10.01.2019 Sozo Hair & Make, Art Gallery - Shibuya, Tokyo.
  • 03.07.2019 collective exhibition “World Art Tokyo - Vibrant Planet”, Tokyo International Forum, Tokyo - Japan.
  • 06.20.2017 solo exhibition “Sugerencias Pictóricas”, Viedma Arte Gallery, Asunción - Paraguay.
  • 11.29.2013 collective exhibition “Open Spaces” in Cozy classics Collection, Berlin - Germany.
  • 08.23.2013 collective exhibition in Forum Altenberg, Bern - Switzerland.
  • 07.12.2013 collective exhibition “Encuentro Dachau & Paraguay in Dachau - Germany.
  • 05.16.2013 collective exhibition “La Noche Larga de los Consulados”, Hamburg - Germany.
  • 11.20.2012 collective exhibition “Lateinamerikanische Kunst der Gegenwart” in Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), Eschborn - Germany.
  • 09.30.2011 collective exhibition “TURKUAZ, Pintura y Joyas” in favour of "Sonidos de la Tierra" project supported by the Paraguayan Embassy, Berlin - Germany.
  • 06.18.2010 collective exhibition “Un Pincel, Cinco Horizontes” in Forum Altenberg, Bern - Switzerland.
  • 05.22.2009 collective exhibition “3 Mujeres, 3 Paisajes, 3 Estilos”, Bern - Switzerland.